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Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries)
Ms. Mystic Falls: Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes is a girl that lives in Mystic Falls. She can be selfish, spoiled and throw a tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. That's just who Caroline is. Through it all though she's a good and loyal friend - despite if she doesn't get along with everyone. She also seems to have a magnet for getting involved with dangerous men, one of them even making vamp kibble out of her for a while since he was bored and she could give him information.

This journal is the newly refurbished journal that counter acts with gottheotherone but after some discussing with defywhatexists, tis journal came into being. All storylines stay in tact I just couldn't handle that damned sponsored crap anymore. Srsly.

Caroline belongs to LJ Smith and takes place during the TV series on the CW. She's AU Season 1 mostly, but depending on verses she can go back and forth. I don't own her and I'm certainly not Candice Accola - that's just her face. Mun is over 18. Muse is 17. there will be adult content, so if you're underage stay the heck away okay kiddies?

edit: for the purpose of her being in smuttysws Caroline has reached her 18th birthday (which canonly will be sometime during season 2 and now she's a vampire so mhm)


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